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About Us

We aim to be one of the largest and most well regarded F&B distribution companies in Singapore and Malaysia, supplying a wide range of F&B products to both retail and foodservice sectors.


Our Business


We are a leading food & beverage trading company in Singapore and Malaysia with more than 50 years of expertise in foodservice distribution, supermarket FMCG retail and brand management. We also consolidate and re-export our various agency brands’ products into countries across Asia including Thailand, India, Brunei, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and the Indochina Region.

Specialising in premium quality dry foodstuff, packaging, glassware and tableware, we believe in delivering value to our customers and partners through the provision of products that enhance their own offerings. 

Since 2000, the company has consistently been ranked in the SME1000 by DP Information Group. This award is conferred to the Top 1000 companies in Singapore. We are also bizSAFE Level 3 certified, demonstrating our commitment to workplace safety.


Our Brands


We are the master distributor for numerous consumer and foodservice products brands, more notably S&W, Reynolds and Libbey. Other represented brands include La Molisana, Carmencita, Iliada, ODK, Basic American Foods and Pik-Nik etc. We have represented many of these brands for more than 10 years, with the longest represented brand being S&W at 93 years and counting. This is testament to the company’s strong business relationships with its principals as well as its strong financial and business standing in the community.

Today, we continue to look out for brands which mirror our desire for quality and stability.


Company History


It is 1922 in Colonial Singapore. Mr Ha Lian Yong, an English educated, Straits-born Chinese notices that the sizeable European community has an insatiable demand for top-notch imported food and other sundries. With a keen eye for quality, his worldwide search led to S&W, a brand of premium foodstuff that continues to be represented by the company nearly a 100 years later. 

With growing demand for luxury foods from the European community and affluent locals, Mr Ha roped in his children to join him shortly after World War II. This set the stage for H. L. Yong Company (Pte) Ltd, now a family business to continue its mission of bringing quality brands to the market, brands that included Marmite and Pyrex. 

The company's next stage of growth came after its formal incorporation in 1962, whereupon it took up numerous agency lines including Reynolds and Libbey. The appeal of these brands coupled with the company's burgeoning relationships with retail supermarkets, wholesalers and overseas distributors saw the company grow rapidly, cementing its status as one of Singapore's premier distribution companies. As a natural progression, the company also subsequently established operations in Malaysia.

Today, even as the company transitions into its 4th generation of leadership, the values originally espoused by our founder continue to inform our every move. These traditions include an unwavering emphasis on quality, not merely of the products themselves, but also of the company’s many relationships. It is with this ideal that we hope you enter into a relationship, or better yet, a friendship with us.